Sally Wade

Hi! I’m Sally and I live in the beautiful Kent countryside with my husband Adam and our 2 wonderful children.

I have developed a deep interest and broad knowledge of healthy living, and over the years have been lucky enough to absorb a wealth of insight, drawing on traditional food cultures from around the world combined with the latest science.

I spent most of my life stuck in a cycle of sugar addiction, with phases of total restriction followed by binge-eating sprees, and associated health issues.  When I fell pregnant with my first child, I realised something had to change.

This situation fuelled me to explore, in more depth, the world’s latest trends in food and nutrition and innovation in healthier snack options. An adventure which I’m fortunate enough to say; gave me the lightbulb moment which allowed me to bring Treat Trunk to families all over the UK.

Treat Trunk was created with both children and parents in mind, to bring the family together. So as well as child-friendly goodies, each month we will include a selection of snacks specifically aimed at you parents too. These will be chosen for aspects particularly beneficial to you such as energy boosting, hormone balancing, relaxation etc.

I’m aware that everyone’s idea of health is different and nutritional advice can be conflicting, depending on who you speak to. We want to offer a wide range of snacks that is better for you than most of the stuff you’ll find at your local sweet shop.

I have big plans for the future so join me and we can grow, inspire, connect and adventure together!

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