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Select your plan and snack box type

Choose from full-size or mini and customise to your personal dietary needs

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Choose your delivery

Select to receive a box straight away or wait until the next shipment date on the 10th of the following month

Treat Trunk Snack Box Delivery
Enjoy fun, healthy snacks, delivered

Relax knowing you have snacking sorted – a great range of healthy, delicious snacks delivered to your door full of surprises! 


Say goodbye to boring supermarket selections and start discovering healthy, delicious snacks!

Something for everyone

Monthly Treat Trunk

A snack box with over 20 healthy snacks

Customise for your dietary needs


Mini Monthly Treat Trunk

A snack box with over 10 healthy snacks

Customise for your dietary needs


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Fuel your body and mind

Keep yourself healthy and happy with our nutritious and delicious selection of snacks

Great variety

A wide selection of different types of healthy snacks in each box to suit your every mood or need! 

Snacks change monthly

Discover new snacks you love each month with a completely different selection of tried and tested snacks posted to you monthly.

Convenient snack solutions

Easy grab options on hand for when making snacks from scratch isn’t possible and spend more time doing the things you love.

REAL food

Natural snacks made with whole food ingredients not created in a lab.  No more hunting for healthy snacks only to be disappointed upon reading the label.

Smaller, ethical brands

We love supporting smaller brands who run their businesses ethically and often can’t afford the large costs associated with selling through supermarkets and wholesalers.

Predominantly Vegan friendly

You won’t find any animal products in most of our snacks as the healthy snack market has fully woken up to the vegan demand!

Who can benefit from our snack boxes?

  • Anyone looking to make a change in how they snack, to feel energised, sleep better and lose the junk-guilt.
  • People who want to eat healthier but don’t have time to create homemade real food treats
  • People with busy lifestyles, always on the go, looking for healthy office nibbles & energy-boosting snacks.
  • Those who want to support their health and fitness goals
  • Sugar addicts looking to control cravings and still enjoy treats
  • People with an illness at home or in hospital to boost their immune system, lift spirits and aid recovery
  • Busy mums and dads with ‘always hungry’ children.
  • Parents wanting to choose healthier treats for their little snackers – convenient, nutritional lunchbox fillers, after school and on the go snacks.
  • Pregnant or new mums looking for convenient, easy grab power snacks to fuel labour, breastfeeding and all the postpartum demands as well as increase nutrition for mum and baby.
Treat Trunk Healthy Vegan Snack Box

What’s inside your box?

  • A carefully selected variety of healthy vegan treats
  • Snacks customised for your dietary needs
  • Immune boosting, fun and delicious snacks
  • Snack solutions you’ve never seen before
  • High energy, nutritious snacks to fuel you
  • Optional sticker personalised with your names

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