Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of families across the UK by making healthy eating and self care easier, more exciting and more important.  We wish to support parents in having more connection, less guilt and more time.  To give them and their family a longer, better quality of life.

Sugar Sensible

Healthier alternatives for all

Our dream would be to see the artificial additive, high sugar filled sweets that are harming our nation gradually replaced in sweet shops with healthier, more natural (but still fun and tasty!) alternatives.  Better for you options that contain REAL food instead of toxic chemicals that disrupt your body’s natural processes, interrupting natural development and causing mental and physical health problems. 

Increasing the number of families consuming healthier snacks and reducing harmful ones means it’s easier for parents to feed their children healthier options since children often want what their friends are having.


Our Values

Our Values

Our values are rooted in authenticity, connection, common sense and positive progress. We understand that everybody likes a treat so we don’t intend to promote strict eating regimes and rules. We aim for ‘better’ and ‘healthier’. Every bit helps and we value bit by bit change.

We are mindful that eco friendly packaging isn’t quite there yet. Progress is being made at a fast pace and many new and old snacks are being launched with biodegradable and recyclable packaging and the more we demand it the better the technology gets. We also believe though, in keeping healthy eating affordable and so cheaper snack brands have to sacrifice eco packaging to be able to continue to help families nurture their bodies.

We select brands that share our ethics

We look into the values and ethics of each company we work with, often having a personal relationship with the owners to ensure our values align.  There are so many new snack brands owned by only 1 or 2 people working hard to make their dream come true.  It’s so important to help these brands grow and enable more people to take their income and passion into their own hands.  What better way for parents to work from home and be around when their children need them?

Support Small Business

Supporting small businesses

You may not be aware that supermarkets actually charge brands to appear on their shelves.  This means it’s only possible to reach the masses by either putting a lot of money into the business or gaining large investments to compete with large conglomerates who take over small artisanal brands so consumers think they are buying small.

So many small brands who don’t wish to give away a share of their business really struggle to be seen and consumers are tricked into buying ‘fake’ healthy snacks. We hope our Trunks can become a hassle free alternative to buying snacks in a supermarket. In fact with all the local veg box deliveries now available it’s possible to avoid the supermarket altogether! And if you’ve ever been shopping with a toddler you can see the joy in that!

Supporting Charity

Supporting Charity

The sale of every Treat Trunk feeds 1 child for a day through ShareTheMeal charity. This includes each monthly renewal of a subscription as well as one off sales. ShareTheMeal is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. Each year, WFP reaches 80 million people with food assistance in around 80 countries. WFP is 100% voluntarily funded, so every donation counts. WFP’s administrative costs are among the lowest in the non-profit sector – with 90% of donations going directly to WFP operations that are building a world with zero hunger. https://sharethemeal.org/