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Learn more about my history and motivation to start Treat Trunk.

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Box Top

November 2019 Treat Trunk

Here’s what was in our November box.  Scroll to the bottom to see the 2 items that were different in the Omnivore/Discovery box and the Vegan box. Roo’Biotic Coconut & Guarana Raw Energy Ball Open your eyes and let the summer in. The Amazon plant Guarana will energize and activate your senses while the coconut […]

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October 2019 Discovery Treat Trunk Healthy Snack Box Contents

october 2019 Treat Trunk

Here’s what was in our October box.  The only difference between the omnivore and vegan boxes were 1 variety of the Two Farmer’s crisps.  The omnivore box had Hereford Hop Cheese & Onion whilst the vegan box had Salt & Cider Vinegar. The full-size box contained 24 delicious, healthy snacks this month plus a free copy of […]

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Contents of the September Treat Trunk Healthy Snack Box

September 2019 Treat Trunk

Here’s what was in our September box – this month’s Vegan and Omnivore box were the same and included 25 vegan, dairy free, healthy snacks. If your kids are anything like mine they love bananas.  My little girl enjoys chopped up banana with cashew butter several times a week and we often dehydrate our own […]

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Healthy Food

5 Top Tips for Healthy Eating

When you’re cooking for a family it can feel like enough of a challenge just to get dinner on the table at all, let alone worrying about healthy eating.  But with a few small tweaks you can easily boost your nutrient intake, and with it your energy levels, mood and general health.  Over time, these small changes […]

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Interview with Pollyanna Hale of The Fit Mum Formula

We have another excellent interview for you here with the lovely Pollyanna Hale of The Fit Mum Formula. We love what Polly does and she does it really well. This is the first interview with Polly on running a business as a Mum and we’ll be back with another interview with Polly soon on improving […]

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Naomi Smith Profile Pic


I’m thrilled to be introducing you to Naomi Smith today for our second interview. Naomi Smith – ‘The Balanced Kiwi’ is a Health and Wellness Coach, Kinesiologist and Nutritional Therapist. I caught up with her about family health and wellbeing and it is SUCH a good interview. I also practice a lot of this and […]

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Nut Butter Cups

Nut Butter Cups – Vegan, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free

I’ve always been a huge chocolate fan and one day a colleague brought some mini Reese’s (chocolate peanut butter cups) back from her holiday in the US and shared them out amongst our team.  I thought they were AMAZING and claimed for years that they were my favourite chocolate. I recently found some in a […]

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Zoe T. Williams

Interview with Zoe Williams of My Allergy Kitchen

We’re SO excited to be introducing interviews to our blog page and our very first interviewee is Zoe Williams of My Allergy Kitchen. Zoe T. Williams is passionate about supporting families with food allergies, having two daughters and a husband with multiple food allergies and intolerances.  Right now, she is busy in the kitchen concocting […]

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Chestnut Pancakes

Chestnut Pancakes – Paleo, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free

We ADORE these pancakes! And it’s such a fun way to eat breakfast.  We enjoy these on weekends and holidays when we don’t have the madness of the morning school run.  We alternate these with banana pancakes which we also love but these are more reminiscent of regular pancakes from my childhood. They are paleo, […]

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Healthy Chocolate Brownies

Healthy Chocolate Brownies – Paleo | Gluten Free | Dairy Free

This recipe is SO easy and I consider them a real superfood – they have balanced macros including a great hit of protein, lots of nutrients and taste amazing.  You can vary the sweetness without affecting the consistency and add optional extras like chocolate chips, dried fruit or chopped nuts.  Plus you can’t deny the […]

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Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream

Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream/Mousse

This is my new obsession.  It’s the perfect meeting of health and indulgence.  The silky smooth, creamy chocolate goodness feels so naughty but is a far superior choice than Ben and Jerrys.  I’d choose this any day but I usually can’t be bothered to make it.  Hence buying these amazing ice cube trays! I severely […]

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Apple & Blackberry Crumble Pic

Healthy Apple & Blackberry Crumble

I whipped this up after a spontaneous blackberry picking session with the kids.  They insisted I use them to make a pie so here are the results!           I made a video of it too if you prefer to watch! But the actual measurements are in the recipe below.  Enjoy! Print […]

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Sunshine Fruit & Veg Coconut Ice Cream

Sunshine Fruit, Veg and Coconut Ice Cream

This ice cream is so fresh, delicious and easy and contains sneaky vegetables – my favourite kind of dessert!! I gave this to my 2 year old for dinner tonight as she had a late lunch and was asking for ice cream. How wonderful to be able to break the rules occasionally and still know […]

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Healthy Chocolate Truffles

Healthy Chocolate Truffles

These chocolate truffles are so decadent they taste like they should be really naughty but assuming you don’t eat the whole batch in one day (which is tempting to be fair) they’re really little powerhouses.  The macros are balanced which lessens blood sugar spikes (which causes you to crave more sugar later) and the ingredients […]

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Healthy thick Chocolate Milkshake

This healthy thick chocolate smoothie is one of my favourite snacks to have and is perfect for that mid-afternoon chocolate craving.  I count this as one of my meals as I prefer to have 4 or 5 small meals instead of 3 large.  I have steadier energy and I don’t get as bloated. Instead of […]

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Chocolate Protein Balls

Chocolate Protein energy Balls – Vegan, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Raw

These are amazing and so versatile.  You can pretty much add whatever you have in the house to make them, just keep adding dry ingredients to the wet date mixture until it’s firm enough to roll into balls. They are vegan and paleo and can be fully raw if all raw ingredients used. I think […]

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Spelt Pumpkin Muffins

Spelt, Pumpkin Seed, Apple & Carrot Muffins

These are great – another sneaky way of getting veg into treats and I often make them for school bake sales as the adults like them too! I adapted them from this recipe so definitely check out Laura’s site. Raw cinnamon has SO many benefits but it has to be the true ceylon type. The […]

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Chocolate Ice Cream Cups

Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream Cups – Vegan, Paleo, Dairy Free, Gluten Free

These are such a treat and so healthy. My kids love them too, even the one that ‘doesn’t like’ nuts. I’ve been making them for a long time but I think I originally based them on this recipe. I would like to point out though that these are not Whole 30 compliant like stated on that […]

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Healthy chocolate fudge

Healthy Chocolate Cashew Fudge – Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

I had to make this my first recipe as it’s my absolute favourite. It’s totally adaptable – you can decide what extras to add in and the quantities can differ hugely and it always comes out perfect.  Sometimes I don’t bother to weigh, I just chuck a load of stuff in a pan, melt, stir, […]

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