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Each standard Treat Trunk is filled with 20-25 of the most exciting, high quality, natural snacks and delivered directly to your door.

Our Treat Trunk Mini comes with 10-15 snacks – great for those of you wanting to try out a smaller box first or have less snacking needs.  You can easily upgrade to a regular Trunk by logging into your account.

There are two adventurous subscription options that you can sign your tastebuds up to…

Monthly Treat Adventure – 1 Trunk every month (£35.99 a month) 

Monthly Mini Treat Adventure – 1 Mini Trunk every month (£19.99 every month)

We’ll take payment immediately and then on that same date each month. If your sign up date falls on the last day of the month, payment will always be taken on the last day of the month whether that be 31st, 30th, 29th or 28th.

The payment cut off date for each month’s box is the last day of the previous month.  So to receive January’s box, payment needs to be received any time in December. We will then post your Trunk to you around the beginning of the next month. So if you sign up any time in December you will receive January’s box some time around the beginning of January.

Subscriptions are easy to amend and cancel so don’t worry about awkward explanations or a difficult process if you change your mind! Just head to the My Account section and choose the relevant option.

We also offer one off Gift Treat Trunks for those of you for whom one Trunk a month just isn’t enough or if you’re looking for an extra jazzy present to give. These ‘gift’ Treat Trunks are £23.99 or £39.99 each, come with optional gift wrapping and you’ll get 10% off if you are a subscriber (being part of the Treat Trunk family always comes with benefits!).

Whether subscription or a gift, be sure to give us the name(s) of the lucky people who will be enjoying the Trunk so we can personalise the Trunk.

We keep the contents of each box a secret for those that like to be surprised but if you’d prefer to make an informed purchase please email [email protected] and if we have them organised yet, we’ll send you the list of products going into the next month’s box.

Here’s a couple of sample box lists so you can get an idea of the sort of things you might find in a box:

Example Box 1:

Fit Bites Strawberry & Raspberry
Clearly Scrumptious Goldenberries
Nakd Bar – Blueberry Muffin
Nakd Bar – Apple Danish
Bear YoYo – Sour Strawberry Apple & Pumpkin
Bear Paws – Apple & Blackcurrant
Love Raw – Cashew & Lemon Bar
Hoogly Tea – Rhubarb and Vanilla Green Tea
Emily Crisps – Fig Banana
Neat – Sea Salt
Primal Pantry – Apple and Pecan
Ape Crunchy Coconut Bites – chocolate
The Raw Chocolate Co Chocolate Bar – Vanoffee
Heavenly Bakes – Oaty Flapjack Fascinations
Scrummies – Raspberry Cranberries & Raisins
Raw Halo Chocolate Bar – Dark & Salted Caramel
Nakd Nibbles – Strawberries & Cream
Purl Pops Lotus Seed Snacks – Salted Caramel
Rude Health Cornitas – Black Bean
Prince & Sons – Caramel Vanilla Rooibos
Dolce La Dolce – Clustered Cashew Crunch
Sunmaid raisins box
Pep & Lekker Seed Snacks – Rosemary and Pumpkin Seed
Frutina Apple & Apricot

Example Box 2:

Olly’s Olives – Lemon and Thyme
Brave peas – Sea Salt
Mello – Lightly Salted Roasted
Ombar – Strawberry Mylk Chocolate Bar
Ombar Chocolate Buttons
Ape Snacks – Thai Rice Puffs (Crisps)
Nucao Chocolate Bar – Hazelnut
Squirrel Sisters – Raspberry Ripple
Emily’s Apple Crisps
Get Fruity bar – Marvellous Mango
Rebel Kitchen – Banana Milkshake
Boundless nuts – Turmeric and Smoked Paprika
Heath & Heather Tea – Oriental Chai and Liquorice
Raduga Teas – Elderflower & Pineapple
Beloved – Blueberry & Date Cereal Bar
Bear Claws – Strawberry & Butternut
Bear Yoyo – Apple
Nakd Bar – Lemon Drizzle
Nakd Raisins  – Cola
Sweet Nothings – Lime and Coconut
Rude Health Ginger & Turmeric Oaty – Oat Crackers
Snact – Apple & Rasberry Fruit Jerky
Deliciously Ella – Cacao & Almond
Love Corn Sea Salt

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