Becoming a new mum is hugely rewarding but also tiring and all consuming.  Our New Mum box was created as a way to unwind and take a little moment to just be ‘me’.

Developed with Maternal Health Nutritionist Tasha D’Cruz, our boxes make great gifts for baby showers, pre birth or after baby is born.  They’re great for popping in hospital bags as labour fuel and to have around in those early days when you often only have 1 arm but you’re in recovery and you need more energy, better sleep, high quality breastmilk and a little moment of excitement to nourish that amazing body whilst treating yourself to a delicious snack.

So many people gift baby clothes to new mums and while they’re appreciated (and sooo cute!) Mum needs to feel that she is important too and to begin carving out time for self care and replenishment from the start.

Our New Mum Healthy Snack Box contains 20 healthy treats and a postcard with a self care quote to display as an ongoing reminder for Mum to take care of herself. All snacks are vegan friendly and please let us know about any allergies at checkout.

We aim to ship within 2 working days and boxes are sent on a 48 hour tracked service with Royal Mail.

Some snacks may vary due to stock availability but will always be of an equal or higher value.

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Childbirth is amazing but can often be pretty tough on the body and mind.  Our New Mum box provides a selection of vegan friendly snacks that nourish Mums’ bodies and minds enabling the new baby period to be a lot easier and more fulfilling.

As a Mum myself, I noticed a huge difference with the birth of my first and second and I truly believe that was down to having healthy snacks at the hospital with me, in my bedside drawer and on the shelf in the living room where I breastfed.  Breastfeeding especially can make you ravenous but with constant nappy changes and exhaustion it can be so easy to pick up the wrong things, or not eat at all.

Whether you’re gifting an awesome New Mum you know or setting yourself up for a great perinatal period, just know that this box will make a massive difference to the experience of becoming a Mother and will be truly appreciated.

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