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Upgrade your health with our healthy snack boxes! With a Treat Trunk subscription, you’ll receive a different selection of vegan friendly healthy snacks every month personalised to you. Just choose from adults, kids or both and leave a note at checkout if you have any allergies or specific requirements. Recommended age 3+

Our mini box contains 10+ vegan, real food snacks delivered directly to your door.

Boxes are posted around the 10th of the month following your payment and you can choose to receive a welcome box straight away or wait for the following month’s box to arrive around the 15th.

Leave a note with any dietary needs and your first names if you’d like the box personalised.

You can also gift a subscription and pop the recipient’s email address in so that they can also have access to their subscription settings.

You can pause, switch or cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account.

Healthy eating no longer needs to be a bore or a chore!

Your next box will be the May May May Box

Don’t want to wait? Fear not, you have the option to receive a mystery welcome box first, or you can just wait for the next one.

What's in the mystery welcome box?

The mystery box contains a suprise selection of 22-25 snacks or 12-15 snacks if you choose the mini!

Option 1: I don't want to wait!
Pay and receive your welcome box now. Your first subscription box will be charged on 30th April and posted around the 10th May. Any first month offers will be deducted from the first subscription payment, not the welcome box.
Mini Welcome Box
10-15 mystery snacks
Standard Welcome Box
20-25 mystery snacks
Option 2: I'll wait for the next one
Create your account now and pay for your first suscription box on 30th April. Your first box will be posted around the 10th May and around the 10th of each following month.


To personalise your box, please leave your first name(s) here.


Our boxes are vegan friendly which means that to allow for the greatest variety of snacks we allow ‘may contains’ items. You can leave a note at checkout about dietary needs but if they are more complex, please email me at [email protected] before ordering to ensure I can fulfil your order.

Everything you eat either feeds disease or fights it and at Treat Trunk we believe that true balance means having fun treats that also nourish your body and protect your wellbeing.

This outdated concept of having junk food to balance healthy meals is unnecessary in today’s world as there are SO many great healthy snack options on the market just waiting to be discovered. Many are small brands who had a dream and are following that dream due to a driving mission to improve lives. Brands that can’t afford to stock in supermarkets and so rely on subscription boxes and smaller retailers to get their products in front of people.

See how we choose our snacks here.

Please check individual snack packets for age recommendations and suitability if sharing with young children. Recommended age 3+