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Magnesium is an important mineral for you and your family but one we don’t often talk about. It’s primary function is to help us relax-which extends to soothing muscle cramps and achy joints to getting a great nights sleep. If you find yourself dealing with signs you might be low in magnesium-such as fatigue, restless legs, muscle cramps or even tingling in your hands and feet, it’s definitely time to take a look at your magnesium levels. However, even if this isn’t you, it’s still a good idea to reach for some magnesium-rich snacks: since they can help you get a more restful night’s sleep and help with things like anxiety and stress. Incorporating these magnesium rich snacks into your family’s diet is a great idea.

1. Almonds

Almonds are a great source of Magnesium and are also a good source of melatonin which both work together to get a great night’s sleep! You can snack on raw almonds or make nut butter from them to make a creamy delicious healthy desert. Or why not try a snack such as Doisy & Dam vegan nuttercups  which were featured in our March healthy snack box.  

2. Dark Chocolate

As well as being high in magnesium, dark chocolate is a great way to cut down on sugar as the higher cocoa concentration, the lower amount of refined sugar, something we aim to do with our ‘sugar sensible’ snack boxes. We love conscious chocolate , raw vegan chocolate with high cocoa solids. They were featured in our February box.


3. Chickpeas

February 2021 Treat Trunk Healthy Snack Box

A great vegan source of magnesium is chickpeas. These little legumes are nutritional powerhouses and also a great source of fibre. We love Deliciously Ella chickpea and paprika crackers from our March box. but you can also snack on toasted chickpeas or blend into a delicious creamy hummus.

4. Quinoa

As well as being an excellent source of vegan protein and fibre, you can get plenty of magnesium from quinoa too. This grain makes a great alternative to couscous and is also gluten-free! It easily absorbs flavours so get creative with marinades! You’ll often find snacks from Perkier, who use quinoa in their porridge and snack bars, in our healthy snacks subscription boxes  and these are another alternative to cooking the grain yourself.

5. Bananas

And finally, let’s not forget the humble banana. Just one banana is thought to contain 9% of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium, as well as being a great source of potassium too. Simply add a chopped banana to your morning breakfast or perhaps enjoy mashed bananas on toast for supper. Alternatively, swap your regular crisps for banana crisps, as seen in our January box.

We hope these simple vegan snack ideas have given you some new ways to add the important magnesium into your daily diet. If you’re struggling with finding the time to plan healthy nutrition-packed snacks, do check out our healthy snack subscriptions to take the hassle out of it!

Treat trunk is a healthy subscription box which features a range of uk gluten- free snack brands

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